Multi-purpose Bench (Plan)

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I finished with paint and sanded the edges.  Then, I glazed with stain and roughed the edges again.  Three or four coats of poly for an extra smooth finish.

I originally built this storage bench for family shoe storage for a small hallway by the laundry room.  However, when I built the farmhouse table, it was a perfect size bench for seating. 

12" x 12" DIY Simple Crates

Then, I built these little simple wooden crates to fit into the cubbies.

Here is the bench with the farmhouse table in the breakfast room

Here it is next to the farmhouse table.  It made the cozy little breakfast nook feel like it had a built in bench seat, without the permanent furniture arrangement (which is one commitment I can't handle).  I'm thinking I may create a cushion and pillows for the top of the bench to add to the cozy factor.

Here are the plans:
Cut list (I had the plywood cut at the hardware store into 3 8' lengths of 16", but you won't need a full sheet):
2 - 17.25" x 16"  - 3/4" birch veneer plywood (sides)
1 - 53.25" x 16"  - 3/4" birch veneer plywood (base)
3 - 13.75" x 16" - 3/4" birch veneer plywood (cubbie walls)
1 - 54.75" x 16" - 3/4" birch veneer plywood (top)
1 - 54.75" - 1"x2" (front top trim)
1 - 54.75" - 1"x4" (front bottom trim)
2 - 16" - 1"x2" (sides top trim)
2 - 16" - 1"x4" (sides bottom trim)

You can either trim out the front cubbies with those veneer laminate strips or 1"x2" strips, but since I painted mine, I filled any holes, sanded and painted. 

Position the base piece 3.5" above the bottom (due to the length, add an additional support 16"x3.5" under the middle of the bottom board)
Connect the base piece to the two sides (nails, screws or kreg system)

Add the cubbie walls

 Secure the cubbie walls even spaced
Position the top and secure to the base

Secure the side trim pieces at the top and bottom

Secure the front top and bottom trim pieces

Finish with your preferred paint, stain or combination of the two

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  1. I love the bench! And the farm house table. Your blog is so inspiring! But it is making me want to redo every thing in my house.

  2. Thanks for posting this .. Im need to make a shoes cubby for my kids.! this will be perfect. Thanks

  3. Love love love it~ this is a great idea and thanks for the tutorial!! Would love for you to come share this at Feathered Nest Friday! :)

  4. Hey Karen. Dearly love your blog, your projects, your energy! I will be starting one soon. Please send me an invite to pinterest when you have a moment. Had followed your link there and was put on a waiting list then read where its quicker thru member invite. Can't wait to access your site there. Thanks for sharing and your inspiration! Thank you! Have a great Thanksgiving!