Copy Cat - Wall Art

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I found these beautiful pieces of wall art on Ballard Design.  If I had some great stencils or the time to reproduce a similar look with with a paint brush, I would have.  Unfortunately, I don't.

It wasn't so much the detail for me, but the need for a splash of color over my bed.  I decided to create this look with wood frames, like the one I built here and here.

Then, I spray painted the frame.  I used mod podge to adhere the paper to the frame.

If I find better paper or even a great wrapping paper with a larger pattern, I'll be changing the paper.  However, this is the perfect little addition to the vacant space over the bed.

Thanks for looking.

Karen  :)


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  1. It looks very nice, adding color and design to an otherwise bare wall. ...and cost very little. Looks great.

  2. Thank you. Now that I'm looking at it, I think I might add three more and space them next to each other like in the inspiration piece. Hmmmm...

  3. That is a super great idea! I am going to do something similar that I saw at Target. 3 12x12's with scrapbook paper on each and I am going to try to paint a black tree on it!

  4. Paint and design companies like Sherwin Willams etc. will give you or for a small fee sell you their outdated sample books. I started getting them 10 years ago for craft projects and have used them for cards, scrapbooking etc. They would be great for a project like this!!

  5. Forgot to mention what kind of sample books....wall

  6. You are right, those would be great for this project. Great idea.