Happy One Month Anniversary!

Pin It Who knew there were so many people with a passion for creating were on the internet?  Now I do!  Some of the ideas being shared are so inspirational.  I love looking at blogs where not only they show you stunning before and after pics, but they show you how they got to the finished product with a step by step tutorial. 

I've had such a blast this month connecting with so many new people.  I didn't know if anyone (besides the poor co-worker who has to put up with all my crazy ideas, the family who is obligated under any circumstance and a handful of friends who actually like projects too) would even look at a blog if I made one to show my house projects...but you did!  And thank you for taking the time from your day to come over to check it out.

To recap. 

The blog started on July 2 with the post on how to build the bar stools.  The first day, there were actually 16 hits to the blog!  It was so exciting for me.  Then, the next day I shared the information with the fellow builders over at Ana White's website.  I think there were 29 more people who looked.  Wow, I almost doubled my viewers overnight.  hahaha

Those numbers are nothing for anyone who has been blogging successfully for years.  I've heard several sites have a million hits in a month.  WOWsers!!!  Can you imagine?  Those are some very talented ladies (and men?).

I also found some of those bloggers share the traffic spotlight with others.  They have something called Link Parties.  A link party is a great way to show off your furniture or room remodel, a recipe or a cute craft idea.  I found so many projects where the photographs looked better than magazine articles.  And these are just normal folks sharing their homes and their projects.

One of the link parties I shared my Simple Farmhouse Table.  The painting technique I used caught the eye of the awesomely talented Shaunna who creates the blog Perfectly Imperfect.  Which reminds me, I still need to grab a button (that I was featured) for my blog!  If I were an actor, I'm pretty sure those feature buttons are the equivalent of an Oscar.  Check it out here!

And last week, Ana White's website had my projects I shared highlighted.  I was the Featured Builder!  Although I'm pretty certain with the amount of work that lady does, it was a computer generated honor, I'M TAKING IT! 

This morning, I woke up to this!  Knock Off Decor featured those little PB Copy Cat Nesting Tables.  Pinch me, I must still be asleep.  :)

Every project I create isn't going to be featured or a winner - like the pallet wood art piece.  I know I need to sand it down and change the font.  But, the idea is to show what you do (even the mistakes) and to help each other along the way. 

I even started to catalog some ideas on a little addiction known as Pinterest.  In the internet world, it is known as the illegal drug that sucks up every free moment of your day.  hahaha  Okay, I'm not that bad yet, but trust me - I'm just getting started.

And the best part about this entire blog experience?  Meeting so many great people who share the same love of projects and power tools as I do.  Who knew?  Everytime I go to the lumber section of the hardware store, I never see you guys.  Maybe I'm going at the wrong times...


  1. I read a lot of DIY blogs for inspiration. Excited to find yours!


  2. Thank you very much Rebecca. I will be sharing a few more ideas tomorrow. Stay tuned :)

  3. Thank you. It was a crazy month, nothing like I expected.